The whole house, fabric first retrofit planning toolkit for carbon, cost and comfort. This toolkit helps residents and homeowners explore ways to retrofit their homes to make them more energy efficient, thereby reducing carbon emissions and energy costs, increasing comfort and well-being, and protecting the building fabric.

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The toolkit comprises guided workshops using a card system and online resources and is designed around four key concepts:


The aim is to explore the needs and preferences of the residents, framed across four areas: comfort and well-being, cost of energy, carbon emissions, and the construction and maintenance of homes.


Reduce carbon emissions and energy cost primarily through approaches which reduce energy demand, through more energy efficient homes, before considering the outlay for renewable energy systems.


Resident comfort and well-being comes hand in hand with more energy efficient homes, not only by tackling cold during winter months and heat during the summer, but by improving air quality and reducing moisture.

Holistic planning

The toolkit helps you identify how different options work together, reducing the risk of unintended consequences. For example, a house which becomes well insulated and more airtight without a ventilation strategy runs the risk of mould related issues.