These 70 information resources are linked to the workshop cards and provide more in-depth information on group options plus links to downloadable resources, external resources and case study videos.


Is it important to the group that homes are intended for specific people, such as group members only, exclusively for other people, or a mix?

  1. Homes for group members only
  2. Homes for group members and other people
  3. Homes for non-group members only

Organising principle

Is the group vision led by an ethos which the group would like to protect by controlling who can become residents?

  1. Private or intentional community with full sovereignty
  2. Open to the wider community and local council allocations

Incorporation and governance

Is the group seeking charitable status or non-resident shareholders, or else wishing to limit the influence of non-residents which such approaches would bring?

  1. Co-operative Society
  2. Community Benefit Society
  3. Company Limited by Guarantee
  4. Community Interest Company
  5. Charitable Incorporated Organisation


Does the group as an organisation have a strong preference for freehold ownership of land and properties or for a leasehold arrangement with a third party? Please note: ‘Ownership’ refers to the whole development, not to the individual homes, ownership of which falls under ‘tenure’.

  1. Freehold market rate homes
  2. Freehold affordable homes
  3. Long leasehold from non registered provider (RP)
  4. Limited leasehold from registered provider (RP) or other
  5. Management agreement with registered provider (RP) or other
  6. Long leasehold to registered provider (RP) or other


Does the group have a strong preference for means of funding, including members’ equity, loans, grants, shares, loanstock, or income derived from commercial activities, rents or sales?

  1. Debt (commercial loans)
  2. Grant and soft loans
  3. Equity
  4. Community share / loanstock issues
  5. Cross subsidy through mixed use development
  6. Sales and rent ratios and levels
  7. Free or discounted land


Is the group’s vision led by how residents will occupy their homes, either renting, owning, or a mix?

  1. Owner occupier
  2. Statutory secure and assured tenancy framework
  3. Contractual tenancy arrangements
  4. Fixed term tenancies or assured shorthold tenancies
  5. Mixed tenure

Type of group

Is the group formed by or with the help of an existing community-based organisation with assets, a developer, a housing association or a local authority?

  1. A new start up group
  2. An existing community led housing organisation
  3. An existing community led organisation (non housing)
  4. Developer-community collaboration

Land ownership

Does the group or some of its members already own the land?

  1. Land already owned by one or more group members
  2. Land owned by a third party

Site search

Is the group in partnership with a third party who owns the site or will secure a site for the group?

  1. Group
  2. Land agent
  3. Partnership


Is the group dependent on a partnership with another organisation?

  1. Group
  2. Planning consultant
  3. Partnership

Type of location

Does the group have a very specific type of location in mind which has particular characteristics likely to impact on the development, for instance on projected land?

  1. Rural exception site
  2. National parkland
  3. Permitted development site
  4. Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  5. Brownfield
  6. Greenfield
  7. Conservation area
  8. Infill
  9. Standard location

Delivery model

Does the group have a strong preference for how the development be delivered, for instance cohousing, or through a community land trust or a hybrid model?

  1. Housing Co-operative
  2. Community Land Trust (CLT)
  3. Cohousing
  4. Self / custom build
  5. Self-help community organisation
  6. Tenant management
  7. A mutual housing association
  8. Voluntary unincorporated group working with an enabling partner
  9. Mutual Home Ownership Society (MHOS)
  10. A hybrid

Type of construction

Does the group have a strong preference for whether construction is newbuild, or retrofitted?

  1. New build
  2. Retrofit
  3. Mix of new build and retrofit

Design and build standards

Is the group’s vision led by a particular approach such as Passivhaus, low impact or sustainable homes?

  1. Standard
  2. Passivhaus
  3. Sustainable / low impact

Management of construction

Does the group have a strong preference for self-management of the construction process?

  1. Self managed
  2. Outsourced management

Long term management

Do the group’s long term management plans form a core part of the vision?

  1. Self management
  2. Agency management
  3. Employee management